The Artist

I am a Texas native but consider myself a citizen of the world. I studied photography for many years and went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts in Wales, United Kingdom.  As I grew and evolved as a human being, my love of the world and people around me became integrated with my passion for photography and the genre of surrealism. 

The underlying motif of my work pivots on personal identity, lost, found, and in-flux. What I see in the world around me has always had a surreal quality to it. I find comfort and calm in the kaleidoscope of imagination.

What I hope to convey is the power of our dreams and how they influence our story. As one wanders through life, impressions are left behind, one's story told over and over. Time often wears away at the details and one's story may even be forgotten. Artistic expression allows a renewal of such stories. In pursuit of dreams, one self-identifies anew.

"...Brittany Volquardsen’s digital prints, which were again some of the best pieces in the show. ‘One, Two, Three’ consists of three stern-looking Victorian girls each wearing many more hats than necessary, juxtaposing their emotions with their absurd attire. This imaginative and playful sense of humour runs through her work – in another unusual scene, a man nonchalantly hugs a large, monocled bird. If a photograph (and especially an old one at that) documents truth better than the fallible human memory, Volquardsen asks if we can really even trust what we see documented."

-- Wales Art Review, 2012