It seems my life, as anyone else’s, is this endless balancing act. How does one reconcile with time? It seems there are occasions when there isn’t enough or there is too much. Between my personal needs, my hopes and dreams, my relationships, and my responsibilities, what I have learned about myself is that I am not a skilled juggler.

My creative identity is at my very core, it’s not a cloak I put on from time to time. Lately, I have not given it the attention it deserves. As a result my spirit suffers. In the last two years, my mind and heart have gone through a metamorphosis. If I were to stand face-to-face with myself 2 years ago, I would not recognize me. It’s not a matter of appearance, but experience. It’s hard not to ask ‘why’ but with art, sometimes instead of asking, I answer.

Throughout life, one teeters between logic and emotion. Now and again, reason is nonsensical.

I have a few pieces to come that may feel different than before. However, I believe, they are some of my best work. Stay tuned.